About Us

      Avita was created in an effort to combat the myths associated with dieting, training, and living a healthy lifestyle. We have always loved helping people with their training regimens but hated the traditional methods of dieting. Everyone has tried to go on a diet at least once in their life, which in turn means we have to start eating "clean". We go from eating 4 slices of pizza to trying to completely cut pizza out of our life. If you can't eat a pizza while you're dieting, how are you going to have one when you reach your goal and stop dieting? The on or off, all or nothing approach is a set up for failure. 

      Nobody wants to eat chicken, broccoli, and rice for the rest of their life. Although that may be a good diet, it's tough to follow for any extended amount of time. Adherence is the key to any effective diet, if you can't maintain a diet you won't ever see results. So here at Avita we set out to find a solution, how can we meet our goals without going on a boring diet? What we found was a much more sustainable and efficient approach to dieting. We adopted flexible dieting, an approach which is deeply rooted in science and personal preference. Flexible dieting allows you to have a slice of pizza or two—if you want to. We have been lead to believe that there is a line between 'good' and 'bad' foods. While there may be foods that are better than others it is very difficult to call a particular item of food either good or bad while not taking into account if it fits within your energy balance. Flexible dieting works on an allowance system, every day you are given a certain amount of calories. These calories are made up by the macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, fats) in the foods you eat. By evaluating you and your lifestyle we can manipulate these macronutrients to give you the body you've always wanted. To avoid the nuisance of writing down everything you eat then adding up all the numbers at the end of the day, there are apps you can download for free that do all the work for you. 

      Our goal from day one has been simple--help people accomplish their goals. Whether your goal is to gain weight, lose weight, or maintain. Through years of research and experience, we now have the ability to do so in a holistic manner. Training is an important piece of the pie when you want to see changes in your body, but dieting plays an even bigger role. The journey to changing your body composition and health is hard enough; Avita is here to make it easier on you. We give you the system and knowledge required, and then guide you through every step of the process.