One Arm Supinated Dumbbell Triceps Extension

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One Arm Supinated Dumbbell Triceps Extension muscle diagram


  1. Lie flat on a bench while holding a dumbbell at arms length. Your arm should be perpendicular to your body. The palm of your hand should be facing towards your face as a supinated grip is required to perform this exercise.
  2. Place your non lifting hand on your bicep for support.
  3. Slowly begin to lower the dumbbell down as you breathe in.
  4. Then, begin lifting the dumbbell upward as you contract the triceps. Remember to breathe out during the concentric (lifting part of the exercise).
  5. Repeat until you have performed your set repetitions.
  6. Switch arms and repeat the movement.
  7. Switch arms again and repeat the movement.


Caution: When you are done, do not drop the dumbbell next to you as this is dangerous to your rotator cuff in your shoulders and others working out around you.

Just lift your legs from the floor bending at the knees, twist your wrist so that you can place the dumbbell on top of your thigh. When the dumbbell is touching your thigh simultaneously push your upper torso up (while pressing the dumbbell on your thigh) and also perform a slight kick forward with your legs (keeping the dumbbell on top of the thigh). By doing this combined movement, momentum will help you get back to a sitting position with the dumbbell still on top of your thigh. At this moment you can place the dumbbell on the floor.

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