Kettlebell Thruster Progression

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Kettlebell Thruster Progression muscle diagram


  1. Begin in a standing position with your chest up and your feet shoulder-width apart. Bend your knees to pick up the kettlebell and swing it up to chest level. Hold the kettlebell upside down, grabbing on to the horns of the kettlebell. This will be your starting position.
  2. Descend into a squat position by flexing at the knees and pushing your hips back. Stop once your knees hit 90 degrees and extend your arms straight down. Bring the kettlebell down inside your legs and then curl the kettlebell towards your chest.
  3. Next, extend through your hips and knees as you thrust the kettlebell overhead. Keep your elbows pointed towards the front, then bring the kettlebell behind your head by flexing at the elbows. Perform an overhead triceps extension to complete the thruster progression.
  4. Bring the kettlebell back down to the starting position. This is one repetition. Complete for the recommended number of repetitions.

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